Who We Are

At CodeForIndia, we believe that human and machine intelligence are always at par and complement each other. But machine intelligence is moving at a pace that our human intelligence cannot keep up. CodeForIndia aims at bridging that gap right from an early age, up-skilling the youth with the latest technologies and preparing them for the future. We partner with colleges and corporate organisations to deliver customized programs in the fields of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence coupled with our amazing masterclasses and hackathons. Our aim is to build a community of technologists and innovators who as a platform can help solve global issues and continue this legacy.
'Giving Back to Society' has always been and will be our prime motto.

Our Mission

To foster a learning organisation in partnership with students, colleges and organisations to provide quality training programs towards the development of dynamic individuals with strong moral values and a passion for building beyond their capabilities.

Our Values

Passion: We are passionate about data science and its ability to enrich lives. Quality:We provide quality experiences that inspire and foster learning. Equality:We believe everyone should be given a chance to learn and grow.

Our Vision

To be a leader in the provision of beneficial and quality training programs in data science and artificial intelligence for students and corporates alike through innovative workshops, experience sharing sessions and forum-like discussions.


The CodeForIndia engagement includes a mix of various kinds of domain and technical sessions which help individuals learn practically, proactively and in a very effective and sound environment.

Hands-on Training

Our training sessions are 75% hands-on, aimed at exposing the candidates to practical scenarios demanded today.


These sessions are targeted towards improvement of business and analytical skills required in the industry.


We offer data science and AI internships to competent candidates to have a real business experience.


We conduct team based hackathons with real business problem for students to apply and test their skills.

Discussion Forums

Forums are organized to hold discussions pertaining to domain and technologies with industry experts.

Corporate Training

We offer specially customized training programs to help on the job professionals with the skills they require.

Embark on a journey of learning

CodeForIndia is ready to embark on a journey of learning with you. Reach out to us with your vision today. We are also on the lookout for experienced professionals who are interested to take up masterclasses and training programs. Send us a line and we will be in touch with you.

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Meet The Team

A M Aditya

Founder & Director

Pranjal Dubey

Founder & CEO

Desmond Sek

Chief Evangelist

Nikhil Mahakal

Chief Strategy Officer

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